Canada announces additional measures to support Ukraine

Date Announced:

February 24, 2022

Active Period:

February 24, 2022


The Prime Minister also announced that Canada will take additional and immediate measures to support Ukrainians and people residing in Ukraine, and to make it easier and faster for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and their accompanying immediate family members to return to Canada. These new measures include:

* Establishing a dedicated service channel for Ukraine enquiries on immigration. This will be available for clients both in Canada and abroad at 613-321-4243, with collect calls accepted. In addition, clients can now add the keyword “Ukraine2022” in their email enquiry, which will prioritize their email;
* Urgent processing of travel documents, including issuing single-journey travel documents for immediate family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who do not have valid passports;
* Ensuring that Ukrainians currently in Canada are able to extend their stay or work longer in Canada by prioritizing the renewal of work and study permits;
* Issuing open work permits to Ukrainian visitors, workers, and students who are currently in Canada and cannot go home; and 
* Waiving fees for travel and immigration documents, such as for Canadian passports, permanent resident travel documents, proofs of citizenship, visitor visas and work and study permits.

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Office of the Prime Minister

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