Government of Canada increases sponsorship opportunities for Sponsorship Agreement Holders

Date Announced:

February 17, 2023

Active Period:

For 2023


Canada continues to be a global leader in refugee resettlement and integration. Since the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) Program was launched over 4 decades ago, Canadians and permanent residents have come together to offer protection and a safe, permanent home for tens of thousands of refugees each year. Key to the program’s success are over 130 organizations, known as sponsorship agreement holders (SAHs), who sponsor refugees year after year.

As the program continues to grow, so too has the number of these community organizations who want to support refugees. In recognition of this growth, the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, today announced that the number of refugees that SAHs can sponsor is increasing to 13,500 in 2023. This represents a 10-fold increase from when the cap was introduced in 2012, or an increase of 12,150 spaces available to SAHs.

Departments and Agencies:

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

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sponsorship agreement holders (SAHs)

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