Government of Canada provides update about Canada’s border measures

Date Announced:

January 28, 2022


Today, the Government of Canada is providing an update on its border measures. It is: a) Removing, effective January 28, 2022, the modified pre-departure test requirements for travellers coming to Canada on direct or indirect flights from India or Morocco. Travellers from these countries will no longer be required to obtain a valid negative pre-departure COVID-19 test from a third country. All travellers entering Canada are now subject to the same pre-entry test requirements, regardless of their departure country; b) Ending the temporary exemption from pre-entry, arrival, and Day-8 testing and Covid Prevention Measures>Quarantine requirements for residents and essential workers of British Columbia who have to travel by land to or through the United States for essential food and supplies. This will end on January 31, 2022, at 20:59 PST.

Departments and Agencies:

Transport Canada

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India | Morocco

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