PC 2021-0075 Minimizing the Risk of Exposure to COVID-19 in Canada Order – Quarantine, Isolation and Other Obligations

Date Announced:

February 14, 2021

Active Period:

Subject to subsection (2), this Order comes into force at 11:59:59 p.m. EST on February 14, 2021. Subparagraph 1.3‍(a)‍(i) and sections 15 to 30 come into force at 11:59:59 p.m. EST on February 21, 2021. Repealed by PC 2021-0174.


This order is to (1) support Canada’s continued focus on reducing the introduction and further spread of COVID-19 by decreasing the risk of importing cases from outside the country; (2) maintain the previous requirements that all persons who have reasonable grounds to suspect they have COVID-19, have signs and symptoms of COVID-19, or know they have COVID-19 upon entry into Canada are required to Covid Prevention Measures>Quarantine or isolate for 14 days, including asymptomatic persons, with limited exceptions; (3) require all travellers, with limited exceptions, entering from the U.S. by land to also provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 molecular test done in the U.S. not more than 72 hours prior to presenting at the port of entry, or present proof of a positive COVID-19 result of a test performed 14 - 90 days prior to the initial scheduled arrival time; (4) require all travellers to undergo a COVID-19 molecular test at the time of entry and once again during the 14 day entry period while in Covid Prevention Measures>Quarantine; (5) require all travellers to provide their contact information and a suitable Covid Prevention Measures>Quarantine plan electronically prior to seeking entry to Canada; (6) require travellers entering by air to enter a government-authorized accommodation near the first port of entry while awaiting the first post-entry test, and require them to submit evidence that they have pre-booked and pre-paid for accommodation for a three-day period prior to boarding their flight to Canada, which will be verified on arrival; (7) include more stringent requirements for a suitable Covid Prevention Measures>Quarantine plan to strengthen the mandatory 14-day Covid Prevention Measures>Quarantine, and further clarify that travellers in Covid Prevention Measures>Quarantine or isolation are required to answer questions and provide information to peace officers on request; (8) add exceptions for persons providing essential services, persons seeking essential medical treatment outside of Canada, persons entering Canada to assist in a major disaster, and unaccompanied dependent children; (9) expand on the obligations of Covid Prevention Measures>Quarantine-exempt travellers with respect to mask wearing and maintaining a list of contacts during their initial 14 day period in Canada; and (10) extend the effect of the Order to April 21, 2021.

Departments and Agencies:

Health Canada | Privy Council Office | Public Health Agency of Canada

Type of Administrative Action:

Immigration Category:



essential services | government-authorized accommodation | land crossing from the U.S. | negative COVID-19 molecular test | optional or discretionary purpose | Covid Prevention Measures>Quarantine plan

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