PC2022-0706 Regulations Amending the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (Temporary Foreign Workers)

Date Announced:

June 20, 2022

Active Period:

Effective September 26, 2022


Regulations Amending the IMMIGRATION AND REFUGEE PROTECTION REGULATIONS (TEMPORARY FOREIGN WORKERS) in order to (1) improve worker protections by requiring that an employer provides (i) the most recent information about temporary foreign worker’s (TFW) rights in Canada, (ii) signed employment agreement that outlines the occupation, wages, and working conditions of TFW consistent with those set out in the offer of employment, and (iii) access to healthcare services when TFW becomes injured or ill at the workplace; (2) expand on the definition of “abuse” to include reprisal; (3) prohibit charging or recovering recruitment fees; and (4) authorize certain officers to require documents from third parties to verify employer compliance, reduce timelines to respond to Notices of Preliminary Findings, and create new requirements for Labour Market Impact Assessments.

Departments and Agencies:

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Type of Administrative Action:

Immigration Category:

Temporary foreign workers


abuse; compliance; healthcare; recruitment; worker protections

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