Refugee Protection Division Practice Notice: Exchange of documents through Canada Post epost Connect™

Date Announced:

June 24, 2020

Active Period:

Effective June 23​, 2020


Effective June 23​, 2020, the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) will allow the exchange (i.e. receiving and sending) of documents electronically using Canada Post epost Connect™.

This change in practice is being carried out in accordance with the RPD's Rules (Refugee Protection Division Rules), which permit documents to be provided by electronic means when allowed by the Division.

This practice notice provides important information regarding the exchange of documents between parties and the RPD. It updates and replaces the July 4, 2017 Notice regarding the submission of documents through epost Connect™.

Departments and Agencies:

Immigration and Refugee Board

Type of Administrative Action:

Immigration Category:

Parties to immigration proceedings | Refugee claimants


electronic documents; epost Connect™

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