Refugee Resettlement in COVID-19 Context

Date Announced:

September 4, 2020


Proposed Response (declassified):
* This is an unprecedented situation and we must take extraordinary measures to protect the health and safety of Canadians.
* In this context, an interim order has been made under the Aeronautics Act that restricts travel from overseas by foreign nationals, with certain exceptions.
* In addition, Canada’s main partners in administering refugee resettlement operations, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration, have also temporarily suspended resettlement travel for refugees.
*Given this situation and recognizing the very limited ability of sponsors and resettlement organizations to receive refugees, resettlement travel to Canada has been temporarily suspended.
*Should a very urgent case of overseas refugee protection be needed it will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
* Canada intends to uphold its international commitments and overseas refugee resettlement will resume once conditions allow which
includes ensuring that there are appropriate measures in place to support the refugees upon arrival.

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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada | Public Safety Canada

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refugee resettlement

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