Strategy to Expand Transitions to Permanent Residency

Date Announced:

September 20, 2022


This strategy sets out a range of pathways focused on increasing opportunities to transition from temporary to permanent residence, strengthening Canada’s ability to meet a wide range of labour needs and address long-term labour shortages, and supporting community and regional needs. Our goal is to strengthen the connection between the labour market and our immigration programs, to ensure the Canadian economy has the broad range of skills needed across all different sectors from health, hospitality, transportation, trades and resources, IT and engineering. Simply put, we’re focused on helping individuals transition from temporary to permanent residence by expanding or adjusting the existing pathways for foreign nationals who are working in Canada and seeking to stay, including international student graduates.

This will require applying the right immigration tools to strike a balance between addressing the immediate needs of Canadian employers and meeting medium-to-long term economic goals, while also being mindful of protecting vulnerable workers and ensuring opportunities for domestic workers.

Through this strategy, the Government will use a five pillar approach to achieve its objectives.

Departments and Agencies:

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Type of Administrative Action:

Immigration Category:

Economic migrants | International students | Prospective immigrants | Temporary foreign workers | Temporary residents


labour shortages; M-44; temporary to permanent residence

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