Temporary public policy exempting essential workers from giving biometrics overseas

Date Announced:

June 5, 2020

Active Period:

June 5, 2020 until further notice.


Temporary foreign workers are playing a key role in helping to safeguard the continuity of Canada’s food supply and health security as well as trade and commerce. Due to the ongoing service disruptions related to COVID-19, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has put in place a public policy to temporarily exempt foreign workers in certain sectors, namely the agriculture, agri-food and health care sectors, from having to give their biometrics before coming to Canada if the biometrics collection site closest to them is closed.

Most of the workers in essential occupations who are coming to Canada have already given their biometrics, as they have previously worked in Canada. Some exempt workers, such as seasonal agricultural workers, will now be giving their biometrics on arrival at Canadian ports of entry (POEs).

Departments and Agencies:

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Type of Administrative Action:

Immigration Category:

Economic migrants | Temporary foreign workers


agriculture | agri-food | biometrics | essential workers | health care sector

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