Temporary public policy for the resettlement of certain Afghan nationals selected by the Minister of IRCC – Hazara Afghan nationals

Date Announced:

December 23, 2021


The Temporary Public Policy for the Resettlement of Certain Afghan Nationals Identified by the Minister of IRCC – Hazara Afghan Nationals recognizes the high vulnerability and elevated risk faced by certain Afghans, as specified below. This aforementioned group is at higher risk of violence inside Afghanistan due to the Taliban’s ideology regarding gender roles and religious and ethnic minorities. Risks to these individuals include ongoing harassment, gender based violence and ethnic-based persecution.

The foreign nationals identified in this public policy allege that they have received direct threats, specifically that they would be forced into marriage to members of the Taliban. The credibility of these threats is supported by well-documented examples of Taliban persecution of women, including forced- and child- marriages, gender based harassment and violence, and widespread persecution of members of the Hazara ethnic group.

As such, this temporary public policy will facilitate the immigration of certain Afghan nationals who are at risk of persecution in Afghanistan on the basis of their gender and/or ethnicity, or their affiliation with members of these persecuted groups.

Departments and Agencies:

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Type of Administrative Action:

Immigration Category:



Hazara Afghan

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