Temporary public policy to exempt certain in-Canada foreign nationals from the Immigration Medical Examination requirement

Date Announced:

December 23, 2021

Active Period:

This temporary public policy will take effect on December 28, 2021 and will end on March 31, 2022.


As part of departmental efforts to streamline the application requirements for permanent residence applications for in-Canada foreign nationals in the context of Agency Directives>Border closures and travel restrictions, the Immigration Medical Examination process has been identified as an area where operational efficiencies can be gained without introducing significant public health or program integrity risks. Under this temporary public policy, eligible in-Canada foreign nationals who have applied to become a permanent resident or for a permanent residence visa, and eligible in-Canada accompanying family members, would be exempt from the requirement to submit to a new Immigration Medical Examination required under paragraph 16(2)(b) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Act), paragraph 30(1)(a) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (Regulations), and where applicable sub-paragraph 65.1(1)(d)(ii) and 72(1)(e)(iii) of the Regulations. These exemptions would apply where the foreign national or in-Canada family member meets the conditions below.

Departments and Agencies:

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Type of Administrative Action:

Immigration Category:

Temporary residents


IMEs | permanent residence applicants

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