The Government of Canada and industry continue efforts to reduce wait times and delays at Canadian airports

Date Announced:

August 24, 2022

Active Period:

Regulations taking effect on September 8, 2022


In Canada, airlines must follow the requirements of the Air Passenger Protection Regulations, which outline compensation requirements for passengers for flight disruptions due to incidents within an airline’s control, including crew shortages if the airline could have prevented the flight disruption with proper planning.

New regulations taking effect on September 8, 2022, will also ensure that passengers are offered the option of a refund for flights that are cancelled, or where there is a lengthy delay due to reasons outside of an air carrier’s control. This includes major weather events or a pandemic, and instances where it is not possible for the air carrier to complete the passenger’s itinerary within a reasonable time frame.

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) is the independent, quasi-judicial tribunal and economic regulator of Canada’s national transportation system with the powers of a superior court to enforce the rules and regulations under which airlines operate.

Additional resources of $11 million were provided through Budget 2022 to assist the CTA in carrying out its mandate to enforce these rules and help them to deal with passenger disputes.

The Government of Canada strongly encourages Canadians to know their rights when they travel by air under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations. The CTA developed an information resource to help passengers who are experiencing issues during their travel, and advises them of their rights under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations.

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Transport Canada

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